Welcome to Pittsfield Cemetery and Crematory

The Pittsfield Cemetery and Crematory is a Nonsectarian Non-Profit Corporation organized in 1850 to fulfill a community need.  The Corporation is operated by its Proprietors (Directors) who are all persons owning burial lots in the cemetery.  The direct operations and control of the cemetery is exercised by an unpaid  Board of Directors who are elected to the Board by the Proprietors at the Annual Meeting of the Corporation in December.  The Directors in turn elect a President, Clerk and a Treasurer.  The Directors will also appoint a Superintendent, who has general supervision of the grounds and physical properties of the Corporation.


We wish that is were possible to give biographies of all the people who have contributed to the growth of Pittfield as we know it, but unfortunately we have only recorded a few. Our selection were made to give a cross section of the community representatives such as clergymen, statesman, lawyers, industrialist farmers, etc. Take a Tour :

Some of our Famous Poeple

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We encourage you to take the tour of the Pittsfiled cemetery. View our self tours you will find a map of the Cemetery.  You can follow the numbers as they are key on the map.  We list fourteen interesting grave site, but they are thirty six in all, if you should choose to complete the full tour.

A gathering of generations. Need help finding yours?