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THADDEUS CLAPP May 22, 1792 - November 5, 1890

A long line of Thaddeus Clapp’s go back to 1609 in Devonshire England.

This Thaddeus Clapp was born on March 29,1792 in Easthampton Massachusetts.

Parents: Thaddeus Clapp and Achsah Parsons Clapp.

In 1816 moved to Pittsfield from Easthampton and became superintendent and manager of the Pittsfield

Woolen and Cotton Factory, which later changed into L. Pomeroy’s Sons.

In 1827 he became the superintendent of the Pontoosuc Woolen Manufacturing Company as it was starting up. He held that position until 1860.

He was known for his knowledge of all details of the woolen manufacturing business. He was a progressive business man.

Known as Colonel Thaddeus Clapp, the Colonel married Elizabeth Colt in 1820.

Elizabeth was the daughter of James D. Colt and Sara Root Colt.

They had seven children:

Thaddeus Clapp
James C. Clapp
Elizabeth Clapp
Theodore Clapp
Thomas W. Clapp
Helen Clapp
Margaret Clapp

Thaddeus Clapp, the eldest son of the Colonel and Elizabeth was born in Pittsfield on November 4, 1821.

He attended public schools in Pittsfield, but did not go to college. After school he started a career at the Pontoosuc Woolen Manufacturing Company, where he became a successful manufacturer of woolen products.

Working for his father, who was the superintendent of the mill, Thaddeus gained superior skills in all parts of the manufacturing of woolen fabrics. He eventually became his father’s assistant superintendent in 1855 and then superintendent . In 1882 he was made President, succeeding Ensign H. Kellogg. Thaddeus remained president until he passed away in 1890.

Mr. Clapp devoted much of his time and effort to make the Pontoosuc Woolen mill second to none of its kind in the country. The mills products were favorably known in every market open to American Commerce.

A mainstay of Pittsfield industry for most of its life, Pontoosuc Woolen Manufacturing Company produced blankets for Pullman railroad cars, military cloths domestic and foreign, and woolen cloth for men’s and women’s garments.

Mr. Clapp took an active part in political affairs. He was identified with the Whig Party until its dissolution and then became a Republican in 1856.

Mr. Clapp contributed in no small way to the advancement of educational and religious institutions and to the growth and beautification of the City of Pittsfield.

Mr. Clapp married Lucy Goodrich on May 1,1845. Lucy was born in Pittsfield and was the daughter of Levi and Welthy Goodrich. Her family represented one of the oldest and most respected of the early settlers of Pittsfield. Her father was one of Pittsfield’s most valued and honored citizens.

Thaddeus and Lucy had three children:
Agnes Margaret Clapp
Theodore Harold Clapp
Lillian Porter Clapp
Thaddeus Clapp passed away on November 5.1890.