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Major Goodrich January 1, 1768 - January 1, 1863

Major Butler Goodrich (1768-1863)

Butler Goodrich, third son of Caleb Goodrich and Hilda Butler was born in Pittsfield and became a farmer and carpenter builder here. He resided with his wife and 11 children in a house he built about 1813, which still stands at 823 North Street. This building is now preserved as a museum by Berkshire Historical Society. In 1790 Butler was paid extra wages to perform some of the more dangerous work on “elevated or exposed portion of the unfixed roof and tower” of the Bulfinch Church (predecessor of the present First Congregation Church).

An ardent Federalist in politics and a member of the Washington Benevolent Society, Butler Goodrich associated freely with the leaders in Pittsfield. His role in community affairs seems to have been more supportive than administrative, however. He served on a number of committees which suggest a breadth of interest in public improvements such as those proposed for Park Square (1826), the establishment of the Hudson and Berkshire Railroad (1828), the new cemetery (common) 1830 and others. He was a faithful churchman and a deacon of the First Church.