Frequently asked questions (FAQ)


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1. Who owns Pittsfield Cemetery?
Pittsfield Cemetery does not have an owner – it is a non-profit, non-denominational cemetery. Our mission is to provide high quality service to people of all faiths; to preserve and protect the history and stories of our families; to protect and enhance the beauty of our landscape; and to ensure that the cemetery is well-cared for, far into the future.

2. Does Pittsfield still have space available?
Yes, Pittsfield still has over 100 acres of open land, which means that the cemetery will be available for interment for generations to come. In fact, we have so much land that we are planting some of it in prairie and woodland, which is beautiful to look at, and provides habitat for many birds and animals.

3. Can anyone be buried at Pittsfield?
Yes, Pittsfield buries people of all faiths and walks of life – the cemetery was founded to serve all the citizens of Berkshire County.  City leaders at the time conceived of Pittsfield as a cemetery for everyone, large enough that it would have land available for the citizens of the city far into the future, and far enough away from the downtown that there would be no demand from developers for its land.


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